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The Lakeside Inn; the name almost says it all.
We’re a couple city kids who’ve made our
great escape to The County,
and we’re here to cause
a bit of happy trouble.

While we’re keen to shake things up, our Lakeside Inn
is inspired by the community and culture of The County
and we hope to both preserve and participate in all it
has to offer as we make our mark.

We’ve got eyes for details and we’re just a bit funky.
Our trademark blend of antique-meets-boutique brings
new life to the beautiful old motel that we’ve managed
to get our hands on. The rooms are comfy, cozy, quaint and cool.
If you’re room bound, we’ve got the air conditioned,
fire place at the ready, apple tv and wifi on full blast.
Sometimes you just need to get away; we get it.

If you’re looking to boot around the county and explore;
we’ve got you covered.
Grab a bike, zip around to the wine farms and come back to enjoy
the fruits of your labour by the lake.
We don’t have a restaurant,but we’ve snacks a plenty.
Typically we keep local snacks on hand, but if you ask real nice…
We may be able to get the owner to give us access
to her Cheetos supply. No promises.

Come hang out with us Lakeside.